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Welcome to Team America Relief

(previously Team America Afghan Evac)

Below are some open-source resources and next steps for those left behind. You can learn about us here. You can also provide personal documents you may have for long-term storage in our Data Intake Form below. This does NOT replace the formal US Government forms or processes.

Data Form

If you are still trying to flee Afghanistan, or you are in another country waiting to be naturalized into the United States, and you would like Team America to advocate on your behalf or just store your digital documents for later access, please complete our Data Form (direct link:

How will we use your data: We will only provide your information to official United States Government agencies related to your evacuation or immigration, like the U.S. Department of State, or other reputable and vetted organizations, like No One Left Behind.

What we won't do with your data: Give it to anybody else not listed above. If you want to manage or delete your data, we've made that easy by partnering with Rownd. Here's your Personal Privacy Center.

Recommendation: Digital Security

Please read
this checklist on our Resources Page to sanitize phones and devices to minimize risk through the data on your phones and devices.

Encrypted Communication Apps:

Mesh Communication Apps:
If cell phone towers do not work, these apps may help you communicate with each-other. Please download these digital resources when you are fully charged as soon as possible.

  • F-Droid ( (Android only). If two phones both have F-Droid, they can exchange apps even without Internet.
    Tutorial here (

  • Briar ( (Android only). Briar lets you connect with and send end-to-end encrypted messages to other Briar users over Bluetooth or Wifi when you're in range. This "mesh network" only works if people are close enough for Bluetooth (30m) or Wifi (100m max).

  • Bridgefy ( (iOS/Android). Bridgefy uses Bluetooth to send end-to-end encrypted messages (updated using the Signal Protocol since October 2020) from your phone to your friends’, over a distance of 100 meters / 330 feet (almost the size of a football field). Your message hops on other Bridgefy users’ phones until it reaches its destination.
    Note: Please note that ANYONE in the area can send or receive a "broadcast" message, so only use the "chats" option
    for secure and valid communications. Please also note that there are advertisements at the bottom of the chat screen, above the screen navigation.

Other online safety resources:

Immigration & Refugee Resources

Team America Relief is a group of citizen liaison volunteers (CLVs) who--through our collective knowledge, open-source information, and hard work--support ongoing evacuation efforts in Afghanistan.

You can donate to us here. All donations are tax deductible.

If you have previously submitted information to Team America by email using the Intake Form from August 2021 or through WhatsApp with one of our volunteers and you would like to manage to delete that information, please visit your Personal Data Center at Rownd , a secure and transparent data privacy platform for your personal and private data. Team America Relief has partnered with Rownd to safely store your data and allow you to manage it.